In Uncategorized on October 28, 2010 at 5:24 am

I propose a dare here and now, i dare the universe to make me meet someone and fall in love, ´cause quite frankly i don´t see that happening to me, not again, not like i was once.
I only really fell in love true love once, and i got a broken heart for that, and a best friend, we might have our spouses in the future, but we´re soulmates, real soulmates.
So i dare, here and now, to make me meet someone and fall, lately i´ve been going from guy to guy without even asking ofr their numbers, just kissing, sometimes having casual sex and then sailing off.
Im like Meredith Grey, with the tequila and the sex with inappropriate men.

That´s why im proposing this dare, so i can leave the old whore behind yet again, cause i have to options in my single life, celibacy or casual sex, i tried the whole celibacy thing, and let me tell ya, it sucks, big time, having sex is way better!

So com on Universe, and stars, and gods, and signs, and whatever else is out there, The Dare Is On!! Lemme know how that works for ya….


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