In Uncategorized on September 26, 2010 at 9:27 pm

It´s weird you know, last night was amazing, everything worked out the way i wanted to work, the night was perfect, the party was awesome, packed, great music, great people.
All my friends there, everybody happy, and i found myself happy and sad at the same time, cause, evrybody who worked on the party had someone to share that with, a boyfriend or a girlfriend to go like, babe, it worked, it was a hit!!
And i was there alone, i kinda felt like Mark on Rent, when they sing La Vie Boheme, everyone with someone and he´s alone,
That´s how i felt, alone in a sea of people, i guess that´s what you get for beign a cold hearted bitch sometimes, they got home with their loved ones, i got home with the money that i´ve earned.

Still, a part of me would trade, that money for the moment of having someone there with me, rooting for me, supporting me, i think most people take that for granted sometimes, but people like me, who never had that, we know how much that hurts.

My best friend was there, and she´s getting married and i feel like im gonna loose her, and she´s the closest thing i have to that rooting system, i wish i could just enjoy the moment you know, be happy that my party was a hit, and just enjoy that, instead i mope because it was a hit, but i´m alone, kinda bittersweet in the end, to be succesfull in something, but knowing you´re flawed in something else that u need at that moment…..


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