Hate You / Like You

In Uncategorized on July 19, 2010 at 8:34 am

You know what? I hate you, hate you for making me think of you, hate for telling me that seeing something made you think of me, hate that you even described a conversation you had where you called me beautiful.

You have no right to think of me, you have no right to send me e-mails, you have no right telling me i’m beautiful, you´re taken, you´re with someone, so you have no right doing this to me, cause i´m trying to do the right thing here, i´m trying to be a good person and stay where i am, i´m trying hard to stay put, because what i want to do, really want to do is fight for you, is to say end you´re relationship and let´s try, but that would be bad, that wouldn’t be something a good person do, cause a good person does not try to end someone else’s relationship just cause i cant stop thinking about you, and i hate you for that.

At the same time i like you, and keep thinking of how it would be, and i´m really trying hard to hate you, to call you an asshole, but i’m gonna be honest and its being hard, really hard to do that, cause every time i start to hate i remember how you say hello, or how you blush sometimes, and how you´re eyes are beautiful, so it´s hard hating you, even when you say that you don´t believe in anything and that you hate some kinds of knowledge, when i can see that that´s not true, and how you make me think, and how my brain works near you, and how we talked for hours and it felt like minutes, and how i felt good around you, and how i didnt feel the need to be something im not, and how you make me feel mature well over my years.

And that´s why i hate you / like you, and i wish i could be a little more selfish and tell you to choose me, pick me, be with me.

But i can´t do that, so i wait, and pray, and each day try to think of you less.

Congratulations you made a fool out of me Humpty Dumpty, and now i just wanna know, when you fall, which side of the wall will you fall on….


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