Vodka and me, a love story

In Uncategorized on July 12, 2010 at 5:40 am

Ok i know i just sounded like an alkie with that tittle but it´s true, me and vodka are tight.

Take for instance last night, i was playing at this party, and i never drink before i play, i start to drink in the middle of the set. Anyway the set ended and i asked my first real drink of the night, a vodka tonic, wich combined with the 4 beers i had before made me a little buzzy, wich was great.

But as all love affairs vodka has a problem, as any lover i can get you a little pissed off, and it did, i got into a conversation that now in retrospect i shoulndt have, cause i sounded like a crazy person, but, in my defense, you never argue with a drunk person, specially if you know that person is holding a grudge, it´s just not healthy, period!

My friend decided it would be  a good idea to defend the latest piece of crap that treated me, well, like crap, ok not like crap, but not good, not right, not fairly, i got the raw end as usual.

Well lets just say things got  a little heated after my friend decided to go all like “one day you´re gonna understand, and it wasnt that bad, and really you´re overreacting ” to wich i answered:

“well fuck you, im not overreacting shit! i got the raw end, and i have a right to be pissed, and fuck you for not taking my side”

Yeah im pissed off at him, he´s my friend for fuck´s sake, he should take my side, whatever if im not 100% right, (which in this case i totally am!)

And by the way, this whole situation? my friends fault, he was the one who introduced me and the fucker., so come on! he´s totally wrong in not having my back. Wich sucks, cause everytime my friends was suffering over someone it was my shoulder who got wet listen to his bitchin, and trying to help him, and now he comes on all high and mighty telling i´m overreacting?

Yeah, cause he was sooo right when he wanted to kiss his ex at the party last week, or last year, but i´m the overreactor, next time he has a situation like the ones he usually have i’m just gonna say, well, you´re kinda overreacting don´t you think?

Well, going back to the vodka, after the fight, i went on and got myself another vodka tonic, wich just fucked me, i got all kinds of crazy after that, i can´t help it, it´s amazing, i got pissed off, then i was happy dancing.

Got home at 7:30am, and wetn to bed, wich tottaly backfired when i got the hiccups until 8:30am!!!

Result of my saturday: i got up at 18:00pm on sunday, with a major hangover and pissed as hell at my fucker friend.

Awesome right?


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