when no sleep is good

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2010 at 9:23 am

Sometimes i can’t sleep, i just can’t and most of those times i freak out cause i can’t.

Well tonight its different cause tonight my lack off sleep is bringing me good ideas, and that may bring me money wich is awesomeeee hehehe

I dunno, i have so many different ideas and inspirations in my life, soo much i wanna do, and its not all connected, i mean, i have a a profession, wich i love, but i also love other things that don( connect at all with my chosen profession, other projects, so i have conflicts in my head sometimes thinking what i should do, stay with the career i chose or move to another, its complicated, and i know that i have that conflict cause i need to be good at everything i do , i have a a unhealthy need to be the best, and sometimes i get it! Sometimes i dont…

That need can fuck me up sometimes, like when i top someone, even if its someone i love, i get this amazing feeling, i kinda feel like oprah everytime she gets skinny over a a new diet: I GOT IT PEOPLE, I GOOOOT IIIIITTTT

But the point of this post is: sometimes no sleep can lead u too ideas that will make you rock!!!


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